Pride of India – Natural Turmeric Ground – Traditional Indian Spice – Pantry Essential – Curcumin Rich and Gourmet – Ideal for Curries/Lentil/Meat/Pilaf – Easy to Use – 8oz. Medium Dual Sifter Jar

Pride Of India


100% PURE TURMERIC POWDER: Pride of India turmeric powder is extracted from natural and sustainably sourced turmeric root that has an inherently bright yellow hue, a sure assurance of quality. We furthermore process the turmeric to preserve the natural oils without adding any colors or additives to bring fresh turmeric root ground. POTENT INGREDIENT: One of the primary components that make our turmeric ground stand out is its rich curcumin content. It comes with 5% to 6% curcumin which is higher than most other turmeric powders found in the market. Due to this, it is also high in its anti-inflammatory properties giving you a variety of health benefits at once. VERSATILE USE: Turmeric is a household name when it comes to the Indian kitchen. At the same time, it is also now a globally accepted spice for various reasons. However, the application of turmeric goes beyond curries, lentils, and rice dishes. It is also consumed with warm milk to reap its full potency. VALUE FOR MONEY: A little of our authentic turmeric grind goes a long way when you have its medium jar. It is easy to store in your pantry and comes with a dual sifter mechanism adding convenience while using. Now, enjoy the fresh smell of homemade spices with our range of blends and seasonings and enhance the taste of home-cooked meals. AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED: We assure top-quality products and take extra care to make sure that the purity and authenticity of products are intact throughout the whole process of bringing our products directly to you from farm to table, using advanced technology and a high standard of hygiene and grade.


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